“Ultra realistic reproductions and end-use functional models”

Medilab3D supports companies with a complete 3D reproduction service for the creation of anatomical
for medical use, aesthetic prototypes and functional parts for industry.

Rely on Medilab3D’s 3D Digital Design Process: from the processing service to the delivery of the finished product

3D scanning, optimization and re-design, conversion of the file into printable CAD, mechanical simulations and validation tests

Prototyping and production with FDM 3D printing technologies, Polyjet, Laser Metal Fusion and Photocuring

Removal of supports, finishing of surfaces on the 3D model and delivery of the finished product

Our Strenghts


Qualified technical personnel

Our staff is made up of technical figures specialized in the management of tailor made 3D printing projects, with qualified expertise in the field of industrial additive manufacturing and digital production for bio-medical applications and medical modeling.


Cutting edge additive technologies

We have FDM, Polyjet, Photocuring and Laser Metal Fusion technologies, as well as a wide range of polymers and bio-compatible materials to guarantee our customers maximum freedom of realization, both on aesthetic and functional prototypes and on end-use products.

“Specialized 3D Printing Service”



Design and development of medical instruments and anatomical models

3D printing in the field of medicine allows to improve the healing process and the impact on the patient’s health. In a field where innovation can save lives, our 3D printing laboratory allows doctors, researchers and medical equipment manufacturers to work quickly to carry out in-depth tests on three-dimensional anatomical models and customize surgical guides, prototypes and medical devices.

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Design, rapid prototyping and production of end-use functional parts

Additive manufacturing allows you to quickly create precision prototypes and functional parts for industry. Thanks to the best professional 3D printing technologies on the market, Medilab3D ensures our customers the highest precision of the printed models, high performance of chemical and mechanical resistance and repeatability on demand, quickly and without having to invest in equipment costs.

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