“Trust our 3D printing experience in the medical field”

Medical 3D printing is the fastest and most accurate way to optimize surgical planning, improve patient care and shorten post-surgery recovery times through the 3D production of medical devices and accurate anatomical models based on real data.

3D printing allows the complete customization of anatomical and dental models, surgical guides, implantable devices, exoskeletons and prosthesis, hearing aids and an infinite number of other applications for the treatment of diseases and patient well-being.

Thanks to Stratasys medical 3D printing solutions, the technologies present in our laboratory, the certified and bio-compatible materials and a qualified technical staff, Medilab3D is able to accelerate the development of products and support the medical team from the conceptual 3D model up to preclinical tests reducing intervention costs.

“Medical 3D printing applications”

In the field of medicine, digital innovation can truly save people’s lives.
That’s why Medilab3D guarantees a qualified 3D printing service as a specialized partner in the rapid and micron-precise realization of ultra-realistic equipment, medical supports and anatomical models that allow researchers and manufacturers to significantly improve the quality of the results of tests and intervention on the patient.











Specific 3D printing applications for dental use

Medilab3D digital dentistry represents the innovative support for laboratories and dental practices.

  • Permanent and temporary implants
  • Dental prosthesis and gums
  • Surgical Guides and Splints
  • Trays and dental structures

“Our 3D printing technologies for medicine, surgery and digital dentistry”

Within our service bureau we use the best 3D printing technologies for medical and surgical applications, choosing bio-compatible polymers to guarantee our customers perfect anatomical models, quickly and without equipment costs.


Prototypes, tools and functional anatomical models

In Medilab3D laboratories we use FDM 3D printers to produce realistic and resistant plastic prototypes and components, with sterilizable and bio-compatible polymers certified ISO 10993


Extremely realistic anatomical

Stratasys Polyjet technology used in Medilab3D laboratories allows us to create realistic anatomical models, with materials that reproduce the exact texture of human tissues and organs


Prototypes and functional parts with perfect finishing

Functional parts with perfect finish! We have a complete laboratory with desktop and freestanding UV-DLP printers for 3D printing of anatomical and medical models in functional and bio-compatible resins


Resistant and bio-compatible implants, instruments and devices

We manufacture instruments and devices in bio-compatible metals, Titanium and Cobalt. We have 3D printing technologies with selective laser melting of metal powders for even very complex customized projects

J750 Digital Anatomy
For unprecedented realism

Our technical staff is supported by the best Polyjet additive technology for medical applications.
Thanks to the new Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy 3D printer we are able to reproduce human anatomical parts, bones and tissues that have the appearance and behavior of real ones.
We create cardiac, vascular and bone models with very high aesthetic and tactile precision, to guarantee doctors three-dimensional supports that are functional to the development of extremely accurate surgical planning.

New materials with very high performance

  • GelMatrix resin
  • TissueMatrix resin
  • BoneMatrix resin
  • Full range of Polyjet materials

J750 Digital Anatomy
Per un realismo senza precedenti

Il nostro Staff tecnico si avvale del supporto della migliore tecnologia additiva Polyjet per applicazioni mediche.
Grazie alla nuova stampante 3D Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy siamo in grado di riprodurre parti anatomiche, ossa e tessuti umani che hanno l’aspetto e il comportamento di quelli veri.
Realizziamo modelli cardiaci, vascolari e ossei ad altissima precisione estetica e tattile, per garantire ai medici supporti tridimensionali funzionali allo sviluppo di una pianificazione chirurgica estremamente accurata.

Materiali nuovi ad altissime prestazioni

  • Resina GelMatrix
  • Resina TissueMatrix
  • Resina BoneMatrix
  • Gamma completa di materiali Polyjet

“Our Specialized Technical Team”

Our Medilab3D research and production team employs qualified technical personnel, experienced in medical additive manufacturing.
Within our staff you will find





Bio-medical technical consulting and personalized 3D printing quotes

Our medical staff and our 3D technicians are at your side to create the tools and models you need.